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Sand Control


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Cyclonic Desander

Cyclonic desanders are designed for the mixture of crude, water and natural gas, in which there are some produced sands and particles involved, and to be removed, and manufactured in a range of different sizes, which can be accommodated in a highly compact pressure vessel, for different removing efficiency or purposed.

cyclonic desander

The ability of the cyclonic desander liner to remove sand/solids down to 2 microns is provided by cyclonic desander liners in 95% aluminum ceramic. For the severe erosion conditions, the harder material 97% aluminum or zirconium ceramic can be selected. The unique geometric design and material selection will ensure the separation efficiency and the life of equipment.

We are in the unique position of having direct operating experience of sand treatment systems used in the oil and gas production and our cyclonic desander has been developed and proved through long term experience gives the best performance and operational reliability.