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Solids Control System


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HDD / Trenchless Mud System

HDD & Trenchless Mud System is more and more often used in HDD and trenchless project, since HDD & trenchless technology has become a rapidly growing sector of the construction and civil engineering industry.

We can offer complete line of HDD & Trenchless Mud System including mud tank and equipment mounted on mud tank. Mud tank always has two or three compartment according to solids control requirements, including necessary plumbing for three or four centrifugal pumps and necessary valves, manifolds, hand rails, catwalks, grating and ladders. Shale shaker is at the first stage of HDD & Trenchless Mud Systems, desilter and mixing hopper or desander, desilter and mixing hopper are subsequent. Sometimes HDD & Trenchless Mud System also has generator.


HDD & Trenchless Mud System is a solids control system that is used in HDD & Trenchless to remove harmful particles from drilling mud. Meanwhile it can get clean and good performance drilling fluid.



HDD / Trenchless Mud System