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Reciprocating Rod Lift


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Polished Rods

polished rods

All polished rods are made of high quality alloy steel and machined by advanced machining technology with high strength and smooth surface finish to ensure the proper seal in the stuffing box and long service life. Various lengths and diameters of 1 1/4” and 1 1/2”, according to customer’s specifications are available.

All types of the polished rods are API monogrammed and ISO9001 certified. The tensile strength exceeds 145,000psi (1,000 MPa)

Spray metal polished rods are available for enhanced abrasive resistance

Polished Rod Clamps

polished rod clamp

Polished rod clamps of joint type are integrally forged. This slip-type polished rod clamp is more reliable in performance and convenient in operation