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Solids Control System


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Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is one of the essential solids control equipment to remove drilling cuttings. It is hard for subsequent solids control equipment to work normally if shale shaker could not work well.

Our company manufactures and develops a complete line of advanced elliptical and linear-motion shakers for oils and gas drilling. As for elliptical motion shakers, there are three types: elliptical shale shaker, balanced elliptical shale shaker and frequency-conversion balanced elliptical shale shaker.


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Shale Shaker for HDD and trenchless

We can supply customers with both linear motion shakers and elliptical motion shakers for HDD and trenchless. Some of our shale shakers use “J“ hook screen technology that can save the customers a lot of money over the service life of shaker. Linear motion shale shaker has two vibratory motors while elliptical motion shale shaker which is newly designed only has one vibratory motor, creating a longer service time and providing a better value for our customer.


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