Bow-spring Centralizers

Bow-spring centralizer is mainly used in vertical or slightly deviated wells. Sunry bow-spring centralizer consists of couplings, bow spring strips and pins


  • Vertical wells
  • Deviated wells


  • Designed and inspected according to API 10D, starting-force and restoring-force conform to API 10D
  • Couplings and bow spring strips are weaved together
  • The whole centralizer construction is firm, without welding
  • Easy to install onto casing
  • Stackable, easy for transportation
  • Both one bow and two bow centralizers are available.

Rigid Casing Centralizers

Rigid casing centralizer is used in deviated wells and horizontal wells. There are several blades on the rigid centralizer that can keep casing from contacting the wellbore wall

Roller rigid centralizer which is most suitable for highly deviated wells and horizontal wells has two or three rollers in each blade. It can change slipping friction to rolling friction, so it greatly reduces the friction between casing and wellbore wall and let casing go to desired position smoothly


  • Horizontal wells
  • Deviated wells


  • Available with straight blade centralizer and spiral blade centralizer
  • Cast steel, cast aluminum and light weight casing rigid centralizer are available
  • Easy to install
  • Can move on casing freely, also can be fixed on casing by tighten screws.