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Workover Rig with Snubbing Unit

Workover rig with snubbing unit is an integral equipment which includes workover rig and snubbing unit. It can performance workover to the oil & gas well, water injection well in case of no killing or blowing out, snubbing unit can protect reservoir pressure effectually, reduce pollution to environment and production formation, increase rate of oil and gas recovery.

workover rig



Rig Model XJ250 XJ350
Carrier drive type 8x8 10x8
Engine ISLe340 30 ISLe375 30
The power of engine hp(kW) 340(250) 374(275)
Torque converter BY352 BY352
Drawwork Single drum Single drum
Servicing depth (2 7/8” EUE tubing) ft.(m) 10496(3200) 13120(4000)
Max. load lb.(kN) 151685(675) 151685(675)
Derrick height ft.(m) 32.64(24) 32.64(24)
Hoisting speed of hook ft./s(m/s) 4.92(1.5) 4.92(1.5)
Static sealing pressure psi (MPa) 3000(21) 3000(21)
Stroke of Lifting Cylinder ft.(m) 11(3.35) 11(3.35)
Max. Down force lb. (kN) 67500(300) 67500(300)
Max. uplifting pressure lb. (kN) 112500(500) 112500(500)
Max. length of running tool ft.(m) 5.9(1.8) 5.9(1.8)
Max. speed hosting of lifting cylinder m/s(ft./s) 1(0.31) 1(0.31)
Max. speed down of lifting cylinder ft./s(m/s) 1.6(0.49) 1.6(0.49)
Snubbing unit drift diameter inch(mm) 7 3/8"(186) 7 3/8"(186)
Max. wind resistance (ft./s) 98 98
Overall dimensions ft.(m) 44x9.84x13.78
Total Weight lb.(kg) 92400(42000) 98345(44610)