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Master Bushing

master bushing

The size range for master bushings and insert bowls we supply is from 171/2 to 371/2 inch. They are cast with high-quality alloy steel and the design and manufacture conform to API Spec 7K. There are two kinds of type: pin drive and square drive. API standard rotary slip, drill collar slip, casing slip or roller Kelly bushing can be put in.

Bit Breaker Adapter Plates and Lifting Sling

Bit Breaker Adapter Plates and Lifting Sling

Bit Breaker Adapter Plates are located in the Master Bushing drive pin holes and provide a 139/16 inch square to accommodate Bit Breakers. They are used for MPCH, MSPC, MDSP and MSP.

Lifting Sling is used for removing and installing bushings and insert bowls

Bit breakers are mostly used for making up and breaking out standard tricone bit.

roller kelly bushing

Roller Kelly Bushing

Roller Kelly Bushings are used for 17 1/2-49 1/2 inch rotary tables. They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.


casing bushing

Casing Bushing

Type CU. CUL and CB casing bushings and insert bowls can handle casing from 95/8 to 30 inch O.D. Type CU and CUL are integral bushings; Type CB are split bushings.