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Hinged Casing Spiders

hinged casing spider

Hinged Casing Spider has a capacity of 200 or 500 Tons. It is similar to Varco design. It can handle 185/8 and 36 inch casing without insert bowls, also 23/8-85/8, 95/8-103/4, 113/4-133/8, 16 inch diameter casing with insert bowls alone or in combination.

The Hinged Casing Spiders are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.

Baash-Ross 200 Tons Hinged Casing Spiders

Baash-Ross 200 ton hinged casing spider

Baash-Ross 200 ton hinged casing spider will fit most casing handling opera¬tions. It can be placed on the rotary table, mounted on a platform which replaces the rotary table, or supported by cribbing, depending upon the auxiliary equip¬ments and procedure to be followed. Spider Bushing for handling casing 9"OD and larger are equipped with a spherical diameter tapered bore. All spiders bush¬ing to handle 8 5/8" OD casing and smaller have a tapered bore dimensionally the same as the API Standard rotary master Bushing and will accommodate any standard rotary slip.

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