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Professional and Full of Experience Based on success in the past decade, Sunry has supplied all equipment listed on this website to different customers from Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Australia, USA, Bolivia, Venezuela, Columbia, Norway, German and Russia, we definitely know what kinds of products can meet your requirements.

Quality Assurance All products supervised by Sunry are strictly designed and inspected in accordance with related API specifications and other international codes.

Third Parties Inspection from DNV, BV and SGS are welcome.

Excellent after service guarantees in-time delivery, commissioning and spare parts support.

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  • Telephone: +86 21 50761323
  • E-mail: contact[at]
  • Address: Room 605, Baosteel Trade Building,
  • Xinjinqiao Road 1568, Shanghai, China
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Main Business and Service

SUNRY Oilwell Equipment offers one-stop purchasing service of wellhead assembly, sucker rod lifting, flush by units, rig parts, pressure control devices, handling tools, drilling mud solids control system and cementing & completion tools, for oil & gas service contractors, based on high-quality Chinese products.

SUNRY Petroleum Equipment designs and fabricates well testing package, sand control devices, manifolds, high pressure treating irons and downhole cable protectors, according to related API specifications and ASME codes.

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In 2001, Sunry Oilwell was set up and then supplied handling tools, BOP, BOP control unit, choke & kill manifold, mud pumps, mud motor and cementing units to Russia

In 2006, Sunry Oilwell designs and supplies surface well testing package for CNPC and then exported to UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Australia, Bolivia and USA.

In 2010, Sunry designs and supplies downhole cable & control line protectors.


Latest News

  • Downhole protectors were delivered to Oman in July, 2012
  • Well testing choke manifold, SSV, ESD panel, data header, integral pup joints and choke bean were delivered to Australia in July, 2012
  • Slickline BOP was delivered to Bolivia in June, 2012
  • Mud pump spare parts and hydraulic power tongs were delivered to USA in May, 2012
  • Crude oil pump, heat exchanger and choke bean were delivered to UAE in April, 2012
  • Surface Test Tree was delivered to Bolivia in Jan., 2012
  • Tubing Power Tong were delivered to Russia and Azerbaijan in Dec., 2011
  • Wellhead Assembly and Flush By Unit were delivered to Oman in Nov., 2011
  • Surface Pumping Units were delivered to Oman in Sept., 2011
  • Mud Tanks and Centrifugal Pumps were delivered to Australia in Sept., 2011
  • Plug Valves were delivered to Columbia and India in Sept., 2011
  • Choke Beans and SSV were delivered to UAE and Australia in Aug., 2011
  • Sucker Rods and Sucker Rod Pumps were delivered to Oman in July, 2011
  • Hydraulic Gate Valves, SSV, ESD and Gas Flare were delivered to Oman in June, 2011
  • Mud Pumps and Mud Pump Spare Parts were delivered to Russia in May, 2011
  • ......