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Rotating Control Devices (RCD)

Rotating Control Devices

Rotating Control Devices (RCD) enables the drilling fluid returns in the annulus to be safely contained and diverted below the rig floor to the returns system without interrupting operations.

Rotating Control Devices (RCD) is widely used in underbalanced drilling, such as release of low pressure reservoir, leakage drilling, pneumatic drilling, workover and other special operations.

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Rotating Control Devices (RCD) Specification

Model WDXK35/192
Hull diameter 350mm (13-5/8”)-35Mpa 6BX flange
Side outlet connection 7-1/16”-35MPa 6B Fange
Side inlet connection 52mm (2-1/16”)-35MPa 6B Flange
(user can choose tubing button or by Union)
Central Tube Bore 192mm
Working pressure Max Dynamic working pressure 17.5Mpa
Max static working pressure 35Mpa
Max speed 100 RPM
Seal Range 5-1/4” Kelly +5” drill pipe
4-1 / 4” Kelly +3-1/2” drill pipe
3-1 / 2” Kelly +3-1/2” drill pipe
3” Kelly +2-7/8” drill pipe
Working Medium Air, foam and various drilling liquids
Power supply AC 380V@50Hz
Overall size Total high 1,750mm, Rotating assembly diameter 460mm. Hull height 1,000mm
Standard API 16A, PR1, PSL2, EE, PU