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Rotary Slips

rotary slip

Rotary Slips (SD series) are similar to Varco type, can accommodate drill pipe from 23/8 to 51/2 inch (60.3-139.7mm) O.D..They are classified as type Short (SDS), Medium (SDML) and extra Long (SDXL) according to gripping length. SDS slips are designed for shallow hole drilling, SDML slips are the perfect choice for all medium depth drilling, SDXL slips are designed for deep drilling.

DU Series Rotary Slips have three models: DU, DUL, and SDU. They are with large handling range and light weight. These slips have larger contact area on the taper and heat-treated for strength and wear resistance.

Flake Type Rotary Slips can handle various O.D. drill pipes, drill collars or casing by changing insert gripping dies or insert bowls. The designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.

Drill Collar Slips

drill collar slip

Drill Collar slips we supply can interchange Varco design. Their each segment is a rugged drop forging, with an extra long back to provide maximum support to the circular button gripping elements. Full wrap-around design and circular buttons assure positive holding and slip setting. Drill Collar slips are flat on top to accommodate the MP Clamp.

Casing Slips

casing slip

Casing Slips (UC-3) are multi-segment slips with of 3in/ft on the diameter taper slips (except size 8.5/8”). Every segment of one slip is forced equally while working. Thus the casings could keep a better shape. They should work together with spiders and insert bowls with same taper.

CMS-XL slips are designed to handle casing from 6 5/8" to 30 inches OD. All slips have an API taper of 4"/ft on the diameters.

Pneumatic Slips

pneumatic slips

Pneumatic Slips(PS Series)are pneumatic tools which are suitable for all kinds of rotary tables for hoisting drill pipes and handling casings. They are mechanized operating with strong hoisting force and large working range. They are easy to operate and dependable enough. Besides, they can not only reduce the workload but also improve the work efficiency.


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