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Sucker Rods

Sucker rods, sinker bar, class T couping, class SM coupling and sucker rod guides are manufactured in accordance with API Spec 11B. Sunry can supply complete sucker rod string as following:

Grade: C, D, K, KD

Size: 5/8˝ (16 mm), 3/4˝ (19 mm), 7/8˝ (22 mm) , 1˝ (25 mm), 1-1/8˝ (28 mm).

Sunry has provided sucker rods to Oman, USA, Canada, Columbia, Australia and many other countries and earned a high reputation

API Conventional Sucker Rod

Our conventional sucker rods are API monogrammed.

sucker rods

Grade C sucker rod: Moderate strength, not susceptible to sulfide stress cracking; suitable in sour medium.

Grade D sucker rod: Made of high quality heat treated steel alloy, with high tensile and yield strength; suitable for non-corroding or mildly corroding environment.

Grade K, KD sucker rod: With good corrosion resistance in H2S, CO2 and NaCl medium, superior tensile strength.

Grade HL and HY sucker rod: High strength; structure and size matching with grade D sucker rod; withstanding 966-1, 136 MPa (140, 000-164, 720 psi); suitable for deep and large displacement wells

Sinker Bar

Sinker Bar is heavier than the conventional rod. It is used at the bottom of the sucker rod string to keep the rod string under tension and reduce crooks of the sucker rod string during downward travel.

Sucker Rod Couplings

sucker rod coupling

Class T and Class SM coupling for sucker rods are manufactured as per API 11B

Class T coupling is using AISI 5140 to manufacture. AS for Class SM coupling, the spray metal is a specified hardening process which is used on the base metal The couplings are available in full size, slim hole and over size. Also, combination couplings are available for different diameters (sub-coupling) for both Class T and Class SM couplings

Rod Guides

rod guide

Rod guides have been proved that their use in wells significantly increases the life of the tubing and of the rods, reducing wear with a consequent reduction in repair interventions and other operating costs

sucker rods