wellhead and christmas

Wellhead / Christmas Tree


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Rubber-Sealed Tubing Hangers

tubing hangers

SUNRY offers a wide range of rubber sealed tubing hangers for single completion

All hangers are available with internal preparation for back pressure valve. DHCV (Down Hole Control Valve) and injection ports are optional.

Available in extended seal neck or slick neck

Metal-Sealed Tubing Hangers

tubing hangers

Metal-to-metal seals are standard for high pressure (15,000 psi and above) completions

Hanger coupling with back pressure valve threads

Provides complete pressure control while BOP’s are removed and the tree is installed

Back pressure valve can be removed through the tree with appropriate service equipment

Wrapped Tubing Hangers

tubing hangers

Wraparound tubing hanger has a compression type seal

Holds pressure from both sides

Dual Tubing Hangers

tubing hangers

All kinds of cables can penetrate the tubing head with good
insulation and seal.

Working Pressure: 3,000 - 15,000 Psi