wellhead and christmas

Wellhead / Christmas Tree


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Tubing Head Adapters with a Coupling

tubing head adapters tubing head adapters

Tubing head adapters with a coupling provide a means to suspend the tubing in conjunction with a special coupling. Creating a lower connection for the tubing head and an upper connection for the tree, the coupling also accepts a back pressure valve (BPV). High-pressure completions requiring tubing manipulation through a wrap-around packoff, needing a BPV, or an inlet for control lines, work well with a coupling adapter.

Conventional Tubing Head Adapters

tubing head adapters tubing head adapters

Working Pressure: 3,000 psi ~ 15,000 psi

Seal: elastomer seal or metal seal

Top Connections: threaded, flanged or studded.

Application: standard service or sour service

Most of adapters can be machined with a hydraulic supply inlet for downhole control lines.


Tubing Head Adapters with Cable Penetration

tubing head adapters

Tubing head adapters with cable penetration make all kinds of cables be penetrated the tubing head with good insulation and seal.

Standard ESP adapters are equipped with rotating flanges to makeup to the tubing head, to minimize alignment concerns. By nearly eliminating the concern for proper alignment, the ESP hanger and tubing head flange are much simpler to install.

The ESP product family is available for 3,000 – 5,000 psi applications.